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FAQs | General Questions

We are here to answer your questions by e-mail or over the phone. Before contacting us you may find all the answers you need on our FAQs page.

Do your cruises run if it rains?
'Khandya' usually runs in rainy weather, while the 'Sea Eagle' is docked from 1st June to 15th August every year. We abide by the Captain of Ports weather advisories, if the weather turns stormy. We also monitor weather and wind data, and if it shows that we are in the path of an oncoming heavy downpour or strong winds, the cruise will be postponed. The decision of the Captain will be final in this matter.
Are the boats covered/enclosed?
Both vessels are partially covered. The open deck area is completely open, and has a seating arrangement that gives a 360-degree view of the water. The bow of both the boats are also open.
Is it better to take the cruise in the daytime or evening?
Our routes are planned to maximize your experience of the natural flora & fauna. For e.g. for bird watching and crocodile spotting, it is advisable to take the cruises that follow the tide patterns (low tide = more sightings). Evening cruises are advisable if one wants to catch the sunset and enjoy drinks with family and friends. For more information for specific requirements you may consult the Reservations team.
Where do your cruises go, and what do you see?
Both cruise vessels have fixed itineraries. See our Cruise Packages page for more information. Besides these customized tours and packages are also offered. Please contact the Reservations team for the same.
Does your vessel go to the Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary at Chorao?
Yes, 'Khandya' has the option to enter the Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary for bird watching tours as a specially organized cruise. Prior permission from the Forest Department is required for this and thus bookings have to be done in advance. The exact amount of time we spend in the sanctuary may vary, depending on tidal conditions, and time remaining in the day. The Sanctuary closes at 6.00 in the evening.
Do you serve alcohol on board?
Both vessels serve beer, wine and aerated soft drinks. For chartered trips, we can arrange to carry alcohol onboard. According to the management rules you may not bring your own alcohol onboard, unless specified by you and must be 21 or older to be served. Please drink responsibly. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone that appears or acts intoxicated.
Is there anything to eat or drink onboard?
Yes. On our cruises, we serve snack items like Chips and other local snacks and a selection of juices, ice tea, water, beer, wine and aerated soft drinks for your comfort.
Are there restrooms onboard?
Yes, the Sea Eagle has a restroom facility while the Khandya does not have one.
Are there separate charter rates?
Charter rates are available for groups with advanced reservations and meeting pre-determined requirements. Please enquire with our Reservations team about the same.
Do I need to make reservations?
Making reservations ensures that you get to take the cruise of your choice at the time that you want to go. We recommend that you call ahead to check on the availability.
Is the boat handicap-accessible?
We have been able to give access to persons using crutches, canes, walkers, and non-motorized wheelchairs in the past. A written narration is available for those with hearing impairment.
Are cell phones allowed to be used onboard?
We respectfully ask that you switch all cell phones off or set it to vibrate as a courtesy to other passengers. If you must take a phone call, please go to the bow of the vessel.
May I take my children onboard the boat?
Yes, we welcome children of all ages. An adult must accompany children wherever they go, at all times onboard both the boats– this is for safety purposes. You are free to move around the boat with your children, and we use the "reach out and touch policy" – you should be able to reach out and touch your child at all times. For safety purposes, passengers are not allowed to stand on seats, or sit at the bow of the boat. We do carry a few books, crayons, and games onboard for your child to keep occupied. In consideration of other tour passengers, we request you to take a distraught, noisy child to a quieter area of the boat while you console him/her. Please inform our crewmembers if they can be of any further assistance.
What is the proper attire?
Dress comfortably. We suggest a light coat or jacket for your cruise. It is usually 5-10 degrees cooler or warmer on the water than on land. You might want to wear trousers, a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen. We also provide muslin jackets for protection against the sun. Shoes are generally kept in storage while onboard the boat.
What type of seating is onboard?
The boats have comfortable padded, resin-covered sponge seating.
Can we bring our pets onboard?
Pets are not allowed on both the boats.
How do we tip the crew on the boat?
There is a common tip box on every boat. Please put all tips in the same. The tips are shared amongst the entire crew at the end of every month.